Recently discovered audio of Arthur sending best wishes from Fort Bragg to his family back in the Bronx

[Announcers Voice] How ya doing Mrs Rose Meyerowitz of the Bronx NY. This is Paul Haggerty [inaudbile] and I’m greeting you now from Fort Brag North Carolina. [blades and razor advertiser] is mighty happy to send you the voice of your favorite soldier, Arthur S Meyerowitz…

[Arthur’s Voice] Hello folks, this is Artie, I just want to say hello to you, dad and Seymour. I just came out of the service club(?) and this gentleman asked me if i’d like to make a recording of my voice to send home to you all. I want you to say hello to everybody at home for me and tell them I’m all, I’m ok and will write them every time I have a chance. I’m putting in for the air core again and if I do pass it i’ll be sure to let you know about it. We’re having a large inspection down here Tuesday and I don’t have much time to write but every time I do have a chance i’ll be sure to write you all. So say so long to everyone for me and i’ll see them the first chance I get. Sign off with love, artie