The fascinating World War II biography The Lost Airman tells the powerful story of a B-24 pilot Arthur Meyerowitz who was shot down by the Nazis over France in 1943 … What follows afterwards is Meyerowitz’s determined quest to stay alive, evade the Gestapo which was hot on his tails, and ultimately get home. Despite setbacks and close calls with death, he achieved his goal and lived to tell about it.The Lost Airman is a very powerful biography. Seth Meyerowitz is a great story teller. His book is not only a look into his grandfather’s life, but he also shines the light into the lives’ of the French Resistance fighters to whom Arthur owes his life, particularly Marcel Taillandier. Also, the author weaves in some historical works found in the archives as evidence by the book’s notes section and bibliography. – Michael Shulman